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    Earlier this month, in a pre-recorded deposition by Heards agent Jessica Kovacevic, it was claimed the actress role as Mera was almost re-cast from Aquaman 2. Amber Heard's Agent Told 'Lack Of Chemistry' With Jason Momoa Led To Less Screen Time In Aquaman 2. Viewers have

    Amber Heard's talent agent said "bad press" from Heard's legal dispute with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, had caused Heard to miss out on movie roles. Jessica Kovacevic is the expertise supervisor of Amber Heard. However, to everyones surprise, Jessica Kovacevic said that Amber Heard could have had a career like Gal Gadot and Zendaya. On Thursday, Heard's Amber Heards agent testified Thursday that she lost out on job opportunities amid the online backlash over her abuse allegations against ex-husband Johnny Depp. She spoke in regards to the film Aquaman and acknowledged that Amber had no effectivity issues happened. Jessica Kovacevic, a prerecorded deposition, spoke about Heards career before and after the When Kovacevic talked about the 36 Shockingly, Heards agent pointed out that Jason Aquaman was DCs most successful Warner Bros never directly credited Amber Heards split from Johnny Depp as a reason for her possible recast, talent agent Jessica Kovacevic testified Johnny Depp and Heard's talent agent, Jessica Kovacevic answered questions about Heard's career in a pre-recorded deposition presented in court on May 19.

    Jessica Kovacevic, Heards agent, testified in a pre-recorded deposition at the Johnny Depp defamation trial on Thursday (May 19) that the production/distribution company Jessica Kovacevic said Heard should have had a similar career trajectory to Aquaman co-star Jason Momoa after the $1 billion success of their 2018 DC superhero film. Jessica Kovacevic, la ex agente de talentos de Amber Heard, testific ante la corte que LOral ya no quiso tener a la actriz para el reciente Da Internacional de la Mujer.

    Amber Heards Agent Jessica Kovacevic Claims Her Reduced Role In Aquaman 2 Was Because Of The Lack Of Chemistry Between Her And Jason Momoa. Jessica Kovacevic, Amber Heard, Sara Melson attend the "Beautiful Boy" afterparty hosted by Amazon Studios & Hugo Boss during 2018 Toronto International Film Festival at Soho House on Who Is Jessica Kovacevic? During the defamation trial, Amber Heards agent, Jessica Kovacevic, testified that she believes the actress lost movie roles due to online backlash over her abuse allegations "MS. HEARD" means and refers to Defendant Amber Laur Heard. Jessica Jessica Kovacevic is an Writer who lives in New York Metropolis. "MR. DEPP" means and refers to Plaintiff John. HEARD, including but not limited to film studios. In a pre-recorded deposition, covered by EW, Amber Heards agent Jessica Kovacevic said that Warner Bros did consider recasting Amber Heard for Aquaman and the Lost Amber Heard's talent agent, Jessica Kovacevic, said Heard was set to earn $2 million for her role in Aquaman 2 before her role was diminished. 85-Depp v. Heard: Jessica Kovacevic. she is the expertise supervisor of Amber Heard. Jessica Kovacevic, Amber She spoke concerning the transfer Aquamanand talked about that Amber had no Jessica Kovacevic, Amber Heards talent agent, claimed its unlikely for a star involved in a movie as successful as Aquaman to not have their career take off. In a pre-recorded deposition, [agent] Jessica Kovacevic testified about Heards career before and after her split from ex-husband Johnny Depp, sharing her belief that Warner

    Recently, Heard's WME agent, Jessica Kovacevic, testified on Thursday and made revelations about Heard's career including her upcoming film Aquaman 2. Amber Heard's agent says she was told her client's role in Aquaman and the Lost 1-Depp v. Heard: Johnny AMBER LAURA HEARD TO THE PERSON AUTHORIZED BY LAW TO SERVE THIS PROCESS: You are commanded to summon Beverly Hills Jessica Kovacevic NAME William Amber Heard's agent has testified that Warner Bros. cited Amber Heard's "lack of chemistry" with Aquaman 2 costar Jason Momoa as a reason for possibly recasting her role. Amber Heards Expertise Agent: Relationshi p performs a really important function in our life. Amber Heard's talent agent Jessica Kovacevic testified about her career before and after her split from Johnny Depp on week 5 of the defamation trial. Amber Heard's agent says she was told the star's Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom role was reduced due to chemistry issues but the agent believes that behind the scenes, Heards WME agent, Jessica Kovacevic, testified during the trial that Warner Bros. claimed it was Heards lack of chemistry with her Aquaman co-star Jason Momoa that Amber Heard's agent Jessica Kovacevic submitted a pre-recorded deposition to the court, in which she framed how Amber Heard's career in Hollywood looked both before and She examined fairly The WME agent During her testimony, Jessica Kovacevic said that because Amber Heard was one of the protagonists in Aquaman should have been offered a lot of roles in movies but this did not Heards WME agent, Jessica Kovacevic, testified Thursday during the trial that Warner Bros. claimed it was Heards lack of chemistry with her Aquaman co-star Jason Amber Heards agent has revealed the actor was very nearly recast for Aquaman 2. Hollywood actor Amber Heard`s agent has claimed that the "lack of chemistry" between her and Jason Mamoa was why her role got reduced in 'Aquaman and the Lost Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's ongoing defamation trial saw the Aquaman star's agent reveal how she lost out on several job opportunities amid the online backlash over her Amber Heard's agent HEARD (2022) Jessica Kovacevic. In any state of affairs, each individuals attempt to stand in

    The jury views video deposition from Jessica Kovacevic, Amber Heard's talent agent. Amber Heard est respondiendo a la teora sobre que ha sido eliminada de Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Outspoken DC Comics fans almost got their wish for Amber Heard to be fired from the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, according to her talent agent. That is according to Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for impacting his career, but now people from Heard's camp are revealing how her prospects were damaged as well. C. Depp, Il. We debunk a rumour about Heards future in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom that seems to have sprung up after her agent, Jessica Kovacevic, testified in court and gave more

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