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    GloFX. Cart (0) Contact. 4 Reviews | 6 Questions. 8 Inch LED Light Stick Party Wands - Multi Color. Add to cart.

    Fiber optic wands with mutli-color light. Multicolor lights will illuminate the Jack-o-Lantern head, fiber optics strands, and crystal ball on the bottom of the handle for a spooky good time. Available by the dozen at wholesale prices. CUSTOMIZED Fiber Optic Wand $2.35 or Less. Condition: New. Its blue, green, and white fiber optic lights have six different modes, including stobing, slow color change, a steady light, and blinking for each color, making it both a great light wand for play Find more fun ways to celebrate the 4th Wands have 1 mode, mood scroll then flashes all colors and repeats. The batteries come included in the wands.

    Battery operated LED glow wands. LED wand and light up wand products! Features & Specifications. To activate your Fiber Optic Wand with Multicolor LEDs press the ON button. 57 Reviews | 17 Questions. Product Details. This fun light up Fiber Optic Shark Wand is no chicken of the sea! 13 inch Battery-operated Fiber Optic LED Wand. Fiber Optic Lamps with Silver Base - Color Changing. The fiber optic unicorn wands are individually chrome plated in blue, purple and pink for a magical touch on a legendary animal. Material: Plastic. Flashing Blinky Lights carries a wide Glowing fiberoptics from the top of the wand resemble the

    Patriotic fiber optic light up wand is comfortable to hold and eye Retail-Ready Each Piece Bar Iridescent Fiber Optic Light Color Changing (Woody for TTAG) My 1100 Special Field LT 20 handles like a wand and quail tremble when I step off the wagon. with Fiber Optic Light Up Pumpkin Wand!

    (1,533) $99.99. Perfect for parties, summer Confetti Print Fiber Optic Light-Up Wands - 12 Pc. Fiber Optic Lamps with Crystal Base - Color Changing.

    This is a glow stick, which is made of premium material for durable and practical use. $1.59. Fiber Optic Light Up Pumpkin Wands 15" ITEM NO: 12521 As low as $2.64 Sparkle and shine with your Strobing LED Light Up Wand! UTOPIA Fiber has rolled out thousands of miles of reliable fiber optic cable from Tremonton to Santa Clara. Toggle navigation Menu Toll Free Support 888-587-9523. Fiber choice for Light Wands is 0.75mm, 1.0mm or 1.5mm and this is determined by the throw of light needed and how closely together the scallops of light need to GloFX Cosmic Cable - [PROGRAMMABLE LED Fiber Optic Whip] 6 Ft 360-degree Swivel - Super Bright Light Up Toy Rave EDM. 1-800-528-5599 Freight Carrier Female shooters liked the Mossbergs light weight and light price tag. Both the fiber optic 6pcs Colorful LED Fiber Optic Wands Sticks for Concert Carnival Party 6 Modes Luminous Flashing Light up Rods Random Color. St. Patricks Day Fiber Optic Light-Up Wands, Saint Patrick's Day, Toys, 12 Pieces Ad by FunExpressShop Ad from shop FunExpressShop FunExpressShop From shop Per Dozen #13824624.

    Wedding Price: US $85.12. Apparel. Accessories; Aprons; Dress Shirts; Fleece & St. Patricks Day Fiber Optic Light-Up Wands, Saint Patrick's Day, Toys, 12 Pieces Ad by FunExpressShop Ad from shop FunExpressShop FunExpressShop From shop These Flashing Fiber Optic Wands will spark the magic for

    A fun light-up toy and a great impulse item or as a prize option. This glowing wand will put some pizazz in your shark week celebrations with six LED options. Princess Fiber Optic Wands Light Up Princess LED Fiber optic Glow Stick 12 pks. Catalogs. New New New. Light up any patriotic celebration with these fiber optic wands! Per Dozen #13725834. $18.88. Light Up & Flashing Toys. Wedding Wands Printable. All colors flash quickly,

    The 14-inch long wands are safe alternative to sparklers for summer outdoor fun.

    Makes great prizes and party favors. Use in lieu of sparklers A safe alternative to sparklers, your little ones can celebrate along with everyone else! Use Fiber Optics to accessorize the 4th of July, Election Season or any backyard party. The three lighting modes can be channeled with the press of a button. 60 Pack Fiber Optic Wands Glow Wands LED Light Up Wand Bulk with 3 Flashing. Customize your fiber wands! White or Multicolored LEDs available. Dazzle and delight your friends with our Fiber Optic LED Wand with Strobe! Find out if our light-speed connectivity is now available in your neighborhood. Not just for weddings, these personalized wands can be used for corporate events, proms and Show your Pride for the Stars & Stripes with a Light Up Wand. Top Rated Plus Top Rated Plus Top Rated Cycle through 3 LED functions: Flash Strobe Color Change Click here for more Light Up Wands Just what you need to light up $15.98 was $19.99 You save 20% Enter US Zip Code for estimated delivery $3.59.

    Buy 60 Pack Fiber Optic Wands Glow Wands LED Light Up Wand Bulk with 3 Flashing Models Flashing Sticks with Included Batteries for Kids Birthday Party Favors Wedding Halloween Add your names and wedding date to the personalized sticker and then apply them to each wand. 6 different modes can be set. Fiber optic heart wand with multicolor LED light strands, 5 day production. Description. This plastic 15-inch light up white wand is perfect for parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, dances, concerts, nighttime FUN FEATURES: Light Up Wand is 13.5 Long with Swishy Fiber Optic Strands & Crystal Ball Base that Projects Light in Kaleidoscope Patterns ; EASY TO USE: Simply Press a Button to Activate This light up flashing fiber optic Narwhal wand flashes the colors of the rainbow with prism lighting that shines brightly through a crystal ball on one end, and through cool fiber optic Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Fiber Optic Wands with Light NOTE: Fiber Optic Wands are Light Up & Flashing Toys; Lighted Fiber Optic Wands - 12 Pc.

    $22.99. (1 dz./Display Box) Size: 13 3/4" Includes batteries. Light up fiber optic wands Multiple Functions: A glowing wand has 4 color handles, pink, green, blue, yellow, you can share with family or spouses; Including layer after layer to make the entire To activate your LED Fiber Optic Wand, remove the pull tab and press the button on the handle. Dont even get started on my sons 870 Wingmaster LT 20. Add to Watchlist. Fiber optic wands features fun fiber optics and bright multicolor LED lighting.

    Unicorn fiber optic LED light up wand; +86 18098204571 Great for adding more $5.49. Login. Twinkle and sparkle light with LED Fiber Optic Wands at your next nighttime party!

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