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    1183 views |. (To the wrong reality) SHIFTED TO FLYING HOUSE . 24. original sound. anyways here: i would recommend counting, doing simple math or just breathing in and out in a comfortable position in order to get in the void state which is the commonly recommended (but not needed) state to shift in. None of this has been proven yet, but once you read these stories, you'll be left scratching your head. ur just lucid dreaming well shifting has exist for many many years it has be used in Buddhism for many years. Instead of fleeing to Albania as a wraith, he attaches himself to little Harry Potter, intending to keep an eye on his horcrux. Documented cases of native runners, especially those in North and South America, illustrate this. I shifted to the wrong reality but I dont regret it. Question. With some tales of travel to parallel dimensions it seems the shift is via a doorway to some past or future version of our reality.

    You stay in this reality whilst lucid dreaming your desired reality. The multiverse theory is exactly that. Based upon this theory, just saying shifting works, creates a reality where it does work and vice versa. Now I say ppl that shift either die upon return or become brain dead sheeple and create that reality. Enjoy your Shift. LikeLike Reply 148. shifters shifting. 25.

    The rules are simple, dont look up the answers, but answer the five questions below based on your memory of the events. 148. Technically George Lucas ruined two people's lives, Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen, but we're going to focus on Lloyd because he's been much more critical and has plummeted much further. Anyways so before I shifted these weird signs start showing up :- 1) my phone starts lagging which it NEVER DOES istg. - Im thankful to be in my desired reality. i accidentally shifted to a new DR last night (which i will continue to shift to) and this what i learned. - I am a master at shifting. | my name is Rebecca Ivanov. So previously in September I had accidentally shifted for 3 days, but that reality was almost identical to mine except a few things that's how I knew I shifted. The sound system goes insane.

    For a lot of people, theyre losing motivation or belief in shifting and then BAM the universe (my personal belief is in the universe) decided to shift them when they werent expecting it. Some people choose to intersperse affirmations while they count. Archived. Eloise Mintumble was a witch who time travelled from 1899 to 1402 for five days. You don't try to change espy ESPN. Male friend of mine was responding to a question another friend asked and my eyes met with his. (I have a really messed up sleeping schedule) and here's the thing, if i sleep during the day the possibility of me dreaming is so high so i have to tell myself to remember that I'm dreaming so I'll be lucid dreaming. Speaking at the research facility in Switzerland today, several key scientists To start shifting your reality, simply start noticing what youre allowing into your consciousness throughout your daily life. It started when Lucas cast Lloyd in the worst Star Wars film ever, The Phantom Menace. 61.5k. Different ways of experiencing reality happen when individuals expand their consciousness. This subreddit is currently restricted; please use mod-mail to become approved! TikTok video from Haley (@fangirlhaley): "I dont wanna discuss #realityshifting #shifting #desiredreality #dr #fyp #foryou #shiftingstories #shiftingmethods #mcu #marvel". Shifted to the wrong reality in one night. Had a friend who got a tattoo on the back of her neck. i tried shifting for the first time ~my reality shifting experience~hey y'all!! 13 George Lucas - Ruined Jake's Childhood.

    The Quantum Immortality Test. (Havent shifted) this would either be super funny or super scary #shiftingrealities #shift original sound 51.1K animojio animojio 246K views 51.1K Likes, 606 Comments. May 17, 2021. alxpinGetty Images. When the high priest died, accidental killers could go back to their homes, no longer at risk of revenge murder. - I believe I have successfully shifted realities. You cant really know how it happened or why it happened, it just happened. Scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN, have admitted today to ending the world as we know it back in 2012, while performing experiments into the Higgs boson particle, WWN can confirm.

    A man known only as L.C. I would like some perspective from people who have shifted before, whether it be intentionally or accidentally. It all starts with the brain and how it is ' programmed' to create your reality .

    Whether accidental or on purpose, that shift in perception also alters the meaning and the importance of time and space. Just at the same way that you might be watching ESPN and understand that HGTV still exists. its ur wanna be an ass and disrespect people just know that original sound. A subreddit about shifting realities. Overall however, based on everything I read, shifting generally entails a combination of the following: Meditating. The process involves laying still and counting to one hundred.

    Right now you are shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality. My friend shifted!

    Shifted to TBHK. The Raven Method is a technique for accessing a desired reality by inducing a deeply relaxed state. I accidentally shifted in my sleep. Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE centers on a group of characters traveling through a multitude of alternate realitiesessentially parallel universeson a quest to restore someone's memories. Your life right now and in the future is Close. It happens when it has to. Hi, I'm not sure if I accidentally shifted but I've noticed some recent very weird changes in my world that I can't explain and it was weirding me out.. 7632 views | Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

    After reading this scripture, the dean said, God made provision for When I woke up, I was playing Among Us.

    I accidentally shifted to a universe where I was friends with Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, BrookeAB, etc. Notice where your focus goes.

    TikTok video from asenat (@gringabutlatina): "it was like hogwarts but NOT at the same time help is it even possible to shift on ACCIDENT #shifting #hogwarts #desiredreality". Can I accidentally shift realities? Listening to Subliminals (affirmations related to your DR, sped up to pretty much be silent, layered with music and ambient noise) A detailed script of ones desired reality. You already shift from moment to moment. was with an associate in the town of When you accidentally shift after not completely finishing the script and you have to feel out the vibes . - I know I have successfully shifted realities. But he isn't the only one learning new things. October 31st, 1981. #realityshifting #shiftingtomcu #shiftingrealities #shiftingstories #gatewayexperience #gateway". Its occurrence, it seems, cannot be controlled, timed or decided. Melting glaciers and overuse of groundwater account When you shift to another reality, you do not and will not die in the reality you left "behind", you are only shifting your consciousness to another reality while you have already died in many other parallel realities, I don't recommend trying to die in your current one while consciously shifting them. 1.) When you accidentally shift to the wrong reality and end up somewhere random | I havent a clue whats going on here.. but Ill act like I do!. Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. They're under deep hypnosis of not being awake to who they really are. Accidentally shifted for like a couple of seconds. This video will show you 3 Signs You Have Shifted to A Parallel Reality (AND DON'T KNOW IT). Posted by 11 months ago. The programming comes via many ways, parents, teachers, religion, peers, books, television, etc. heres how i shift but there are so many other ways! Mini-Shifts. A vanishing road. if your limbs start to move against your will, i would just say attempt to ignore. I THINK I JUST SHIFTED!!! - Im happy to be in my desired reality. Accidentally shifted to an alternative reality in 2012' admit CERN scientists. When you accidentally shift to the wrong reality and end up somewhere random | I havent a clue whats going on here.. but Ill act like I do!. Heres the mantra, a, B, c, always remember this, always be choosing, always be choosing, always be choosing in the present moment.

    An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. 202 Likes, 13 Comments. 3. (they're streamers). - Im grateful to be in my desired reality.

    i think i somehow accidentally shifted into another reality in the nap i just had bc that felt WAY too real like all my senses were in tact i could change things exactly how i wanted I shifted :dizzy: I shifted and this post is messy. The Familiar of Zero focuses on a human boy on Earth being accidentally sent to a magical world, by a spell. it just wasnt talked about enough there are also many adults, seniors who have shifted! A subreddit about shifting realities. Of course, I know that if I want, I can just shift to a reality that's exactly like that one. TikTok video from ray (@rayhxppy): "(Havent shifted) this would either be super funny or super scary #shiftingrealities #shift".

    Please try again later. Notice what youre talking and thinking about the most. Though I did not script this, I knew that it was something I wanted to experience and knew that I probably couldn't experience in this reality. From birth, your brain is programmed as what to believe and how to respond to conditions based on those beliefs. Most of us dont think of our thoughts as being optional.

    I later caught myself giggling and swooning at the move. Native Runners Expand Reality. This morning, after i had my breakfast, i went back to sleep. There are infinite parallel realities that exist simultaneously and you live in all those realities, you co-exist even if you are not aware of that. The most powerful technique that I've found for shifting parallel reality timelines is to do something completely spontaneous, completely spontaneous because this is the thing.

    Its very easy. Created 11 Your current identity is what is keeping you locked into your parallel reality timelines. shifters. Put simply, the practice of shifting realities entails shifting your consciousness from your current experience, i.e. Current Reality (CR) to another reality, typically your Desired Reality (DR). I know this all sounds a little woo woo, and there is of course a very broad spectrum of opinions on the topic. 1. For example, One.

    Take the a case brought forward in 1988 in a spring issue of Strange Magazine, wherein two men seem to have temporarily shifted into some parallel, alternate version of the past.

    Notice where your time goes.

    The whole point of an accidental shift is that its accidental. 354 Likes, 16 Comments. There is only shifting because you see the parallel reality version of you that still hasn't gotten out of that stuck parallel reality that still exists. One big obvious sign you have shifted into that parallel reality is when you cannot empathise with others situations, have no desire to understand their points of view and Continue Reading Quora User Acquired knowledge from multiple areas over many years Author has 9.2K answers and 42.6M answer views 2 y its just something u believe in, like something spiritual . The Potters have been murdered, and Voldemort has accidentally split his soul again. - Im the best at shifting. Earths axis has shifted due to climate change. Most people are doing it with no awareness and they're in there. And may be once that's done, you come back to your original reality the same way you went in.

    He gave me a quick wink which was never a thing he did and it caught me so off guard. And yeah, that's it. +. Over her time there, she managed to change the life paths of several others which made it so twenty five of their descendants were never born, 3 Signs You Have Shifted to A Parallel Reality (AND DON'T KNOW IT) If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Now that you know what you want you need to decide that this is yours. Alternate realities were versions of the original universe in which different events had occurred, primarily due to disturbances created during time travelling. I wasnt sure if this is the right place to ask this question but Ive been looking into reality shifting and it made me remember something a couple months ago. reality shifting is indeed real, and ur probely thinking , no? beach bikini breastexpansion expansion genderbend genderbender mtf realityshift sexy tf tg transformation transgender feminization maletofemale tftg tgtf assexpansion big_ass breast_expansion realitychange rule63 mindalteration huge_ass big_breasts transformationtf huge_breasts mindchange ass_expansion reality_shift once youve counted far enough that Anyway, not much has changed so I don't mind either way. You can not move from where you are now to where you want to go without making the decision to do so. You can chose which one you want to experience only when you understand >>> life is like a movie made from images. (It can help to start when youre already physically tired.) There is only shifting because you see the parallel reality version of you that still hasn't gotten out of that stuck parallel reality that still exists. Just at the same way that you might be watching ESPN and understand that HGTV still exists. You don't try to change espy ESPN. 2.4K Likes, 39 Comments. How I Accidentally Shifted.

    Make the decision. - Everything is perfect in my desired reality. I also asked the cards if I could shift back to the reality I shifted from (to know if I respawned or just shifted) and they said 'no' so that's how I know I respawned here. It was for a little bit but I DID IT. original sound. Harry grows up under the tutelage of a dark lord.

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