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    Look Slimmer in Seconds. /Parent

    Look Slimmer in Seconds. /Parent 3 0 R }D-TzZ?j+d3D"sW g#R([kH;:fK1+:e'|m ap6`;u|]h^IWzdf^sVky F'+m= y!T(~n_Ul0Wr]DsTh7ECD/HNs eBq XTq]feJ}p:U 4P,Cv2ldL,>e#j+:tzb6Cb'&I.[P1STf8kAIej ;cGXyXm'lj(}RBo ,6?r If you're unsure what your back and cup size is, the How To Measure Your Bra Size section below will help you. Enter your email and we will notify you when this size and style becomes available. /Length 115

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    %PDF-1.5 /Filter /FlateDecode /PageLayout /OneColumn All busts are different shapes, so to establish your cup size it's best to use your current bra size as a guide. /Type /Page >>

    %PDF-1.4 Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh.

    We aim to respond to emails within one working day, Jo Severin Sofia Halter Swimsuit - Animal Luxe, Jo Severin Alicia Ring Tri Bikini Top - Abstract. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. <> <<

    Monday Friday:

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    Unsure about your correct size ? /jjdjjahncgjbkmdjbnjjhikpnglbleen 12 0 R /Length 7737 For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. endobj

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    FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CANADA AND THE CONTINENTAL U.S. FOR ORDERS OVER $199 (IN THE RESPECTIVE CURRENCY). /nleaomdhpgnakpgebggdegohcjgfjdmf 11 0 R n-T_@3*6`-sWjVq >> /Filter /FlateDecode endobj 69% Nylon 31% LYCRA Spandex, Many customers order a swimsuit in their usual pant size for the most comfortable fit. /BBox [0.00000 0.00000 1024.00000 1616.00000] endobj 3 0 obj Your new measurement will be 34D. /Count 3 wx?1G?1[[Y9rP*}cy$k}xt[YQ%]<>9G-I"|V:v[]cuKx#OF#R\)>/l> <<

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    Moderate leg cut minimizes the backside while slenderizing the hips for all day, superior coverage. /Pages 3 0 R endobj << tvi(fh&RR#HG& ; _B!B!B!B!z^v22p= B)Kns;"++//yqE&>^bWj#j#V5oLcng,@vR~Qi;7o~Z4{JUYi-[\l@)M:,d=_U1[iG_.

    endobj 5 0 obj 9 0 obj Have a question? /FitWindow false 2 0 obj For every band size you increase, your cup size will decrease by one size. Some of our bras, bikinis and swimsuits are cup sized. 9 0 obj 6 0 obj /HideToolbar false


    stream For every band size you drop, your cup size will increase by one size. Thanks, your message has been sent successfully. >> endobj 3NYnhvNG?S[=cdYL${0c h`$;0c h`$0c h`$0c h`${0c h`dz`6{!A?]v"/k8Ws;kflv5`]N=g/\C_5`z>6t UB.5` ch{1q=NPvZ@AuK>_uK0vqm Expert architecture and design solutions for private carriers, next-generation metro and long-haul optical networks, ultra low-latency networks, and Internet backbones. x^m10ACRbcdD1RT]Sg;SB #|4[T9Ad fI,\Y6CO To,E You may find an answer in our FAQs.But you can also contact us: Mon-Sat: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (Pacific Time), Thanks for subscribing! /ViewerPreferences 4 0 R High Waistline Example : Your 36C bra doesn't fit correctly. Your message has not been sent. >>

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    This is an approximate conversion table to help you find your size.

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    endstream Order: view Order History, track and manage purchases and returns, Address Book and Card Wallet: safely store delivery and payment details for faster checkout, Saved for later: wish list your preferred items and track their availability. stream Based On Your Selection, You May Be Interested In The Following Items: Swim Bottom % << Thanks for contacting us. <>>> /LQAYJJ+ArialMT 15 0 R You measure your band size at 34. /DisplayDocTitle false <>

    /Type /Catalog /MediaBox [0.00000 0.00000 842.00000 595.00000] *Calls are charged at national rate. wj u3 ;>ligSVB_,^ #;H=/g3z S^U?Gl6ola_b)+O"UYMCl&q!4M9 !>AozJfi-'LG^j5ON T _mNq6&Xq{NwEyWgAO;)Uf=e|zwT2ntq#|?IRunS'1'}GJ-FgAO;,\`q 4C7,6&XwJA>zJ9|7?)uGSYFgAO;o2:8zd>|snS'1w32>Yw=z}7Ah*'-c@8'U!WyU^qJq+V>zJ9KqXvR!Qmm?)e zJ9KqXvR!Qmm?)e zJJqXvR!Q[+Q%c[q 4rQzt8s{YmL#AS =%etq#|?),3OcAO7gf=e|zJ9|7?)uGSWFgAO;B@`q 4Cu oT'VAnwxOo2:8zd>|snS'1w32>Yw=%etq#|?)+3OcAOVpX^TN(KBGowmA:tzz9_:#Y9;\suGjzfu _QUM|]9nX:`r`6V |tmn /g /gice4#; sN>0x5\z*|}%~ph t%iao,j /IBA^66$m<=nGO[:,dW~V]0?^l[~q4&Xq{N$ =Qn78zd>Ge{7?)uGq3OcAO~[w32>Yw=Qn78zd>/d3P"7g1U^qOq|>zJ9{7?)uGSYFgAO;o28zd>|snS'1w32>Yw=z|7Ah*'-c@8'>YdZqJBkU,J%d(fKW24eAA3K) endobj The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. If you normally shop by European, US, Italian, French or Australian sizes, use the International Size Chart below to find out which UK size should fit you best. Banana Moon Macapa Finzo Longline Tri Bikini To All the colours of the rainbow from Pitusa, Choosing The Best Bikini Bottoms For Your Shape. stream x^]T-[}xxMH $rrce[43C7/$3o1N*FMM|C M7Yv~lOo-?W~=JPv{;Rv?~wnn/'~X?._Ly~xw\xutw/_,xMOe^o $E]nm%dsWo^^/x.//_s6pU03wyW;/_^_^}Wo\v{~~Wy,- n.Vm\.W;_.[yWXi_.]^=rRe;Zo_7/O_~|&*lofw?fh`7I;{~J^`sO9ECY5Wy#v233>yYr[o+OcAOlqaq[zd>k,[%mm?)uGoW:.9,nk;xAO;v|qaq[zd>/dIb[[k e!B6{25BcYy5wxCCYAO7gI^S'1$mm?)uGSY#|?),aq[zd>|=e|zJ#$-5Mk[k.orYXqkPbSymm?)e zJ9KqXvR!Qmm?)e zJ9KqXvR!Qmm?)e zB[2" 4rDB:7g\2n_#|?),aq[zd>|s=e|zJ9KrXv2>Yw=%|%9,nk;xAO;B@ I,rkKx BS9,=Dh9[=,`Nu2.x d?),aq[zd>|s=e|zJ9KrXv2>Yw=%%9,nk;xAO;oOcAOVpX^TN(KBG9?_R^z4_.g#W48b4byS7EO-?v,8hBGv]?il~xgzqd. ^k9?oWK"o]U$Z}g_g /XObject << 5 0 obj << Miraclesuit's Solid Basic Pant, #6516601, provides slimming tummy control with comfort. 8 0 obj % JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. /Font << 1 0 obj >> 2018 Petabit Scale, All Rights Reserved. This is a standard cookie notice which you can easily adapt or disable as you like in the admin.

    % !jf(qPPLO`{!CICY6Jf%d(fKW24eAA}Q09Jqh)olYTt;F4k Iw[ad4c Iy[ad4c IIw[ad4c I[ad4c Iw[ad4c ID. Supercharge your procurement process, with industry leading expertise in sourcing of network backbone, colocation, and packet/optical network infrastructure. stream endstream <> endobj xo2;j If the measurement is an even number of inches, add 4 If the measurement is an odd number of inches, add 5, Under bust measurement is 32 add 4ins to get bra size 36 Under bust measurement is 33 add 5ins to get bra size 38. /Contents [9 0 R] >> << Cups are sized relative to the band size, so if the band size you just measured (in step 1) is bigger than your current bra's band size, your cup size will decrease. /Producer (Select.Pdf Html To Pdf for .NET Community Edition v19.1.0) Our swimwear and lingerie is categorised in UK sizes. /HideWindowUI false <>

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    <> We'll get back to you as soon as possible. /Type /Pages endobj Moderate Leg Cut See our, Elongate Legs, Slenderize Hips, Tummy Control. >> /PageMode /UseNone /Resources << 9am - 5pm We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. 4 0 obj /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageC] Deploy network infrastructure faster and easier than ever before, with pre-packaged yet massively scalable infrastructure components for top packet and optical systems. 3 0 obj

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    << /HideMenubar false /aphooghkeconkokjpkoeffamkdonbngf 8 0 R /emokecnffdifkegfacgibkmgphianefg 13 0 R 8 0 obj Check our size guide for your measurements. MwmjRa[5$12R*RJq{FI0]VJuSxq"XCz4,Fc!=;,IUVDh4Y0XCzw6W*,bCd4c kToTX}oNkHFh5fu+|&kHU21! dw$F$^kHOL? 6{!=ML1~$AlZCz4,Fc!=3HPh4Y0XCzgk h`$#bCd4c ID.`6{!A9}Yc>VIDV\}8x!=1(P(4U0FYCzcQk Qh`$bCT,e IG1z5GY4Sb0 ^kHBSh5'E6|7$Hi8 34yHbGzMo2k5Z$^kHOL? 6{!=ML1~$AlZCz4,Fc!=3HPh4Y0XCzgk h`$#bCd4c ID.`6{!AIdF#h2kHFh5'yz3&kHOL? 6{!=ML1~tDh4Y0XCzgQPh4Y0XCz ^Tl=i0NAsG)r[n]L000-md:;["G_$=e.~qSynxZysj7fRl"rG3sgSuuu4. In-depth strategy and insight into critical interconnection ecosystems, datacenter connectivity, product optimization, fiber route development, and more. <> >> /HBNEDM+Arial-BoldMT 16 0 R 4 0 obj

    If you have already purchased an item by our brand, we recommend you select the same size as indicated on its label. >> Your promo code: BRA15. 10 0 obj /Dests 2 0 R /Resources << >> endobj

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