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    It is next to Haifa's central railway station (see below under the 'train' section) and also the Lev HaMifratz shopping mall. The Egged Public Transportation Company, the largest transportation operator in Israel. DAY 1 Independent arrival to JLM or TLV Central Bus Station & travel to Eilat by Egged public bus - we pre-book your seats on the bus.

    of 106 shekels (about 25$). Re: egged bus from jerusalem to eilat 4 years ago Bus stations are not open 24/7. Buses are the most common form of public transportation for Israelis and travellers alike. Pick-up Drop-off Find a shuttle Seat in a tourist Kiwitaxi shuttle Duration: ~3h 40min Show the return transfer Shuttle Higer bus, Iveco, Mercedes, Ford, Volvo shuttle bus A seat in the tourist bus to the hotel or airport. 1967 The first bus drive to mount Scopus in. Eilat is a 4-hr drive from Tel Aviv, a 4:50-hr drive from Haifa, and a 3:45-hr drive from Jerusalem. And it's not only the Egged buses that stop there; a lot of coach tours, school groups etc., as well as private cars, are likely to be there simultaneously.To say nothing of the condition of the toilets after all that lot have passed through. Eilat central bus station. As I cannot read Hebrew, I would be unable to book online. . alternatively select accurate address. Answer 1 of 5: Hello Everyone. From Jerusalem, Egged bus 444 goes to Eilat (78 NIS). Getting around Jerusalem is a snap once you get the hang of Egged buses. Tourist Israel also services this route once daily. On the way you can view the inn of the Good Samaritan. Tourist Israel also services this route once daily. Below is a list. Egged Bus 486 travels from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station (platform 5) direct to the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi and Masada (no buses on Shabbat from Friday afternoon till Saturday evening). Guaranteed departure Petra Tours & Packages departing from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem & Eilat. Take the train Rehovot at the station Israel Railways. This line operates throughout the day every 20-30 minutes. The flight will last approximately 45 minutes. . The drivers are very professional and the buses are always clean. The Egged company runs the public bus network in Jerusalem and this is how most Israelis get around town. I'm currently finalizing some details for my trip to Israel in one week.

    The border crossing is about 10 km south of downtown Eilat, Israel's most southern city. Free info about buses & shuttles to/from and within Israel Ben Gurion Airport and Airport city - both are in one complex but distances between various places can be too much to walk. I'm going to Jordan for 2 weeks in February 2023 (if all goes well) and we would like to go to Jerusalem as well. Take a bus from Jerusalem to Eilat. Click Search Customer Service Center Journey Planner Egged lines which run to Ramon Airport are: Line 30 - from Eilat's central bus station. Rav Kav Card Phone: Hotline: *8787 sms: 8787 Website: or Search By town Please type origin and destination settlements and then select quarter. More about transportation in Jerusalem. Select the route number from the drop-down menu by pressing Enter or Tab key or using a mouse. Egged Tours offers the most enjoyable, enriching, and affordable guided tours in Israel! Tickets cost on average 37 USD. To travel from Tel Aviv to Dead Sea, you can take Egged bus 421 which leaves 2-3 times a day from the Arlozorov Bus Station. There is a public beach at the Dead Sea accessible to all about one hour from Jerusalem. Carrier is Israel Railways. . If I plan to catch the bus #487 (6:48am-8:05am) to Kalia Beach (Dead Sea) in the morning around 8am on Sunday (10/30) to enjoy 1-2 hours, Can I.

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    Tickets cost 35 - 55 and the journey takes 4h 20m. Getting from Tel Aviv to Eilat by Bus. Because I heard that this route can fill up quite quickly, I made a reservation over the phone from England. 248 helpful votes. Buses arrive and depart to and from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem regularly. The ride takes about 4-5 hours and has multiple stops along the way. There are only 4 buses daily from Eilat to Jerusalem (Sun-Thurs, the only days you can do this). Put in your credit card and the ticket will print out (and your card charged). The second step is to specify where you want to go. From Eilat, you can either take Egged bus 15 or a private taxi for 50 ILS . You can do it online in hebrew or by phone 03-6948888 (972-3-6948888) Check timetables and book your tickets with Rome2rio. Real Time+. The Egged bus 444 leaves four times a day from this station. Costs 70NIS one way. The Ben Gurion Airport Bus #485 links Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem every hour. Tickets cost 82 NIS one way (approx. Flight from Eilat to Jerusalem 158-mile distance separates Eilat and Jerusalem so you can travel that from Ramon to Tel Aviv. . Egged was established in 1933 and is the oldest and largest of Israel's transportation operators. Bus travel in Israel. Sderot HaTmarim, near Sderot Hativat HaNegev, Eilat, Israel. Select the location in the city. The bus is a pretty good option and, as buses go, it's a comfortable journey with varied and beautiful landscapes. For eilat in tel aviv area, egged began its bus. Easy booking. Bus from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to Eilat will be the cheapest way to get to Eilat Tickets can be bought at the bus stations in the ticket booth or online at the Egged website - where you can also check the bus schedule. The Jerusalem Central Bus Station has a direct bus that travels to the Eilat Central Bus Station. 1967 The ancient city of Jericho can be seen in the distance where Joshua's troops . 2 Answers. Pay the 40JD visa fee and go through the security checks in Jordan. +972 8 636 5120. Tickets to and from Eilat should be purchased in advance even in November, if you are planning to travel around the weekend. Duration 6h Frequency I have a question about the Egged Bus Service. Answer 1 of 6: Sorry to bother with another question! . Booking with Egged bus was, well almost, straightforward. Jerusalem & Eilat. The Egged bus company blamed local Bedouin for the attack, saying such incidents are on the rise. Line 50 - from Taba Border Crossing and Eilat's Hotel Area. Duration 4h 28m Frequency Hourly Estimated price 40 - 60 Tourist Israel Ave. It definitely is possible, if planned well. Save. You can save 15 percent by either buying your ticket on the Egged website, where you can also buy a return ticket. It runs frequently every day (less so on Saturdays and holidays) and can be found at

    Egged's buses are one of Israeli's main means of getting to Eilat, so . There are two main bus operators, Egged, who is the largest, (and the second largest in the world), run an incredible range of routes across the country (intercity) as well as being the main bus provider in Jerusalem and Haifa. Operators always spoke good English . Yes, there is one 20-minute stop, but it's a bit of a scramble to use the toilets because a lot of buses stop there at the same time! The bus is the most reliable, convenient and inexpensive way to get from Eilat to Tel Aviv. 790 from Tel Aviv to the southern . People on busses here aren't exactly shy. It cost 50NIS and took only about 15 minutes. I noticed that if I catch the bus from Jerusalem to Eilat, it goes thru Kalia Beach.If I plan to catch the bus #487 (6:48am-8:05am) to Kalia Beach (Dead Sea) in the morning around 8am on Sunday (10/30) to enjoy 1-2 hours, Can I make a reservation with Egged Bus 1-2 days in advance for 7 people to catch the bus #444 from Kalia Beach to Eilat? Their Bus routes cover an area from the / stop to the ' stop and from the stop to the / stop. But rental cars from Israel may only stay in the confines of the Egyptian border terminal (this includes the parking lots of the Hilton Taba . The Egged schedule says the direct bus leaves at 23:56 and gets in at 4:23, but we're looking for something Sunday morning; I'm assuming what they have posted is a late Sunday bus arriving early Monday morning. Taba by bus. Clear.

    "To & From Jerusalem or Tel Aviv". Take the Egged bus at the Be'er Sheva Central Station/Interurban Platforms station . It is best to buy your ticket online - and save 15% - if you are planning to travel Thursday, Friday or . Get off at the Be'er Sheba - Center. The ministry issues tenders on bus routes, so that most bus routes typically change operator roughly every 10 years. Packages include transportation, bus or plane, accommodation & guided visit in Petra. Egged maintains a high level of service and road safety. Bookings open two weeks in advance, but you can book up to a few hours before you want to travel. The Egged bus 444 goes from Eilat to Jerusalem. Because I would like to see Petra, I'm trying to figure out the best way to get to Eilat, and it seems. -809,1423-Tickets-to-Eilat.aspx) - note that *2800 works only from an Israeli phone - or in person at any central bus station in Israel, . Remember you also have the option of staying the night before the tour in a hotel in Aqaba just across the border from Eilat. . Take bus #30 to the Eilat Yitzhak Rabin Border Terminal bus. Our daily tour to Masada and Dead sea begins by descending from Jerusalem below sea level through the Judean Desert. Type in a destination city name, select the location on the city and proceed to the next step - selecting a date. Egged operates buses on the route from Eilat Central Station/Platforms to Jerusalem Central Bus Station/Unloading. Egged Web Site . (Egged) (), also known as Egged, is a public transportation provider in Israel that operates Bus routes since 1933. I've been reading so. It is best to buy your ticket online if you are planning to travel Thursday, Friday or on the eve of a festival. Trip coming up in less than two weeks and am officially excited! You should go to Eilat and enter Jordon at the Rabin crossing.. You have two options for going to Eilat : 1. Egged Tours proudly offers many different tours in Jerusalem to allow you explore the Jerusalem highlights in a way that suits you. To date, there is no train to Eilat, but the Israel Railways does go to . Tickets cost 35 - 55 and the journey takes 4h 20m.

    For more information, Book Online .

    Tickets cost 40 - 60 and the journey takes 4h 28m.

    First you will need to travel to the popular Red Sea resort of Eilat. Semester/ Annual Student Bus Pass Egged provides . Taba Border Crossing Eilat border between Israel and Egypt. The journey takes approximately 1 h 34 m. Ticket price is about 8 The travel distance is 106 km. Tickets cost 35 - 55 and the journey takes 4h 29m. There is also public transportation to Eilat. Bus operators Egged Ave. We provide return Egged public bus tickets from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to Eilat and back for $59. Bus tickets from Eilat to Jerusalem start at 85, and the quickest route takes just 4h 29m. "Let's Go Up to Jerusalem" 1920 Egged, a legend in time 1982 "A tale of two cities" Egged's historic. Route Number. 3 years ago. Time in Israel USA Toll Free 1-800-490-5251. You can take a bus run by Egged from any of the major cities in Israel to Eilat.

    I noticed that if I catch the bus from Jerusalem to Eilat, it goes thru Kalia Beach.If I plan to catch the bus #487 (6:48am-8:05am) to Kalia Beach (Dead Sea) in the morning around 8am on Sunday (10/30) to enjoy 1-2 hours, Can I make a reservation with Egged Bus 1-2 days in advance for 7 people to catch the bus #444 from Kalia Beach to Eilat? From Jerusalem, Egged bus 444 goes to Eilat. The Taba border crossing is an international border between Eilat in Israel, and Taba in Egypt. NB: passengers who have ordered tickets in advance through the website or Customer Service Center must collect them from a self-service ticket machine Eilatomat which is available at Jerusalem, Eilat, Tel Aviv, Rishon le-Tsiyon, Haifa Khof ha-Karmel, Haifa Merkazit ha-Mifrats CBS, Khadera, Rekhovot, Be'er Sheva and Netanya central bus stations. Transfer Ovda Eilat Search By. The last service is at 14:00 on Friday afternoon. . If you travel by private car, there is parking at the border terminal (24 ILS per day). Jerusalem - Eilat Buses Jerusalem Eilat Kiwitaxi shuttles are the cheapest way to get Jerusalem Eilat for one passenger. Privately owned Israeli cars and rental cars may cross through the terminal. From/To. The High-speed railway to Eilat (Med-Red) is a proposed Israeli railway that will enable the connection of the main Israeli population centers and Mediterranean ports to the southern city of Eilat on the Red Sea coast, as well as serve commercial freight between the Mediterranean Sea (city of Ashdod) and Red Sea ().The railway will spur southward from the existing rail line at Beersheba, and . There were no reports of injuries and the driver of bus No. I am wondering if it is possible to make an Egged Bus reservation from Eilat to Jerusalem from overseas using a non-Israeli credit card? Walk 1500m to the Eilat border crossing. For bus lovers there are convenient routes from Jerusalem to Eilat, which is 194 miles away.

    East Jerusalem Transport Association Phone: 02-627-2881 or 050-910-2142. This bus also stops at Ein Bokek, Masada, and Ein Gedi. Egged also offers the Route 99 bus . Our Petra Packages include transportation by bus or by plane, accommodation . Its earliest settlement dates back to the 4th millenium BCE and it has a unique history and many remarkable attractions. Travelling to Petra via Arava Border Crossing (Eilat) This is the shortest route from which to reach Petra from Israel. Departing on. ACCOMMODATION . Israeli resort area, has started implementing a great opportunity to jerusalem, or servees shuttle drives both ways making the bearer of public buildings, china and regular routes. There are several bus companies in Israel, but all routes and schedules are mandated by the ministry of transportation. Eilat's Central Bus Station is located in Eilat's Town Center, next to the Red Canyon Mall. Egged Bus Company, for example, has a dedicated line to Eilat (390) that offers nine convenient daily departures (except for Friday night and Saturday) from 8 AM to 8 PM. Egged operates a bus from Jerusalem Central Bus Station 3rd Floor/Platforms to Eilat Central Station/Alight 5 times a day. The ride ranges between 4-5 hours and the bus will make a few stops along the way. It was discovered by the Western world 2 centuries ago and it has been described by the UNESCO as "one of the most precious cultural properties of man's cultural . Pay the 105 shekel Israeli departure tax and cross the border into Jordan. Located at the southern-most tip of the country, within its small "window on the Red Sea", Eilat is first and foremost a resort town these days, devoted to sun, fun, diving, partying and desert-based activities.

    320 km (200 miles) away from the . There you will get to float in the heavenly mineral-rich . Transportation.

    When you get to the bus station go to the depot of the 444. Egged Eilat's bus station has three cashiers, public telephones, ATM, cafeteria, sitting area, and bathrooms. This line operates throughout the day every 20 - 30 minutes. Look at the "Egged" website for schedules and fares. Reverse Trip. . The Eilat Shuttle is far from being the best option. Egged Bus - A variety of news, articles and updates on Egged Bus on Israel National News - Arutz Sheva. Airlines Israir Train operators Israel Railways Bus operators Egged Tourist Israel Duration 4h 20m Frequency 5 times a day Estimated price 35 - 55 Tourist Israel 1954 When the Mekasher Garage served as a bus. Jerusalem Tours The ancient city of Jerusalem is considered holy in three religions. . We're heading to Eilat from Jerusalem on Sunday, June 26. Egged bus from Haifa to Jerusalem (960) leaves from Floor 3 Haifa Merkazit Hamifrats/Inter-City Platform bus station, every 20 minutes. Hello everyone. The Israeli Terminal has a . Since then it has changed rulers many times. Information on Egged activities, news and updates, bus schedules, fares and tickets, discounts, History of transportation in Israel, etc We will stop to look out across the desert as we pass the point marking "sea level". Line 31 (with disabled access) runs from Eilat's northern neighborhoods. There are regular buses to Eilat from all major cities in Israel (78 ILS from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa). Also will businesses. Tourist Israel also .

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