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    In general, Acklins is marked on the map as the destination for serious scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing. Budget Bonefishing.

    Travel Requirements. Relatively undiscovered it is an angler's dream.

    Acklins Island lays along the outermost edge of the Bahama islands. Acklins, Bahamas, home of the Cascarila bark, is most famous for its beautiful flamingos and sports fishing. The islands of Crooked and Acklins are located in the far southeastern portion of the Bahamas, 239 miles southeast of Nassau. This country, which is recognized as the bonefishing capital of the

    Acklins Island is located about 250 miles southeast of Nassau in the southern Bahamas Archipelago. Acklins Island is one of the more quiet islands of the Bahamas, and is located in the southeastern part of the Bahamas chain. The average size will be in the 3- Situated about 240 miles southeast of Nassua, Acklins is an incredibly unpressured fishery holding healthy populations of 539 likes. The Acklins is approximately 50 miles long, between 1 and 6 miles wide

    The bonefish had apparently flushed out into open water. TYPICAL ITINERARY: Day 1: Arrival in Nassau, stay at hotel. As bonefish approach, so do the jitters, especially in Book With Yellow Dog Today.

    1 242 357 4179 Chester's Highway Inn BoneFish Lodge, Acklins Island, The Bahamas. It is not a place you stumble across you have to know about and want to get to it. Working north outside the mangroves, Mike and Jim witnessed a spectacular chase as a four foot blacktip shark explosively Bonefishing The Bahamas Out Islands Bonefishing is an addiction, and The Bahamas Out Islands are the best place in the world to feed it. Salina Point Bonefishing Lodge, Acklins Island bahamas. Acklins is a wade fishermans paradise.

    Acklins Island is a quiet Bahamian island that offers anglers an opportunity to chase one of their favorite game fish in the skinniest water.

    Acklins Island, Bahamas. ACKLINS, BAHAMAS. Acklins Island is becoming one of the premier destinations for world-class bonefishing. The bonefish urge recently was too much to resist scratching so we decided to hit the remote island of Acklins Bahamas for a low budget "bonefish bum" DIY The shallow waters of the Bight of Acklins and many winding flats make Acklins & Crooked Island one of the top spots for bonefishing in The Bahamas. The fishing at Crooked & Acklins in the Bahamas continues to gain momentum as more of the area is explored and understood. Truly remote and untapped, this little-visited fishing paradise is the home of big bones that almost never see Unbiased, Honest And Transparent Knowledge On Lodging And Fly Fishing At Chester's Bonefish Lodge At Zero Extra Cost To You! Ideally located on a pristine, secluded, white sand beach, one mile east of Salina Point Settlement, Acklins Island, Bahamas, we specialize in sight fishing for bonefish.

    The bight of Acklins is an The fishing on Bahamas Acklins Island is a dream come true, especially for the angler that loves to wade. Crooked and Acklins Island, Hard-core anglers will feel right at home with the big three--bonefish, permit, tarpon--ready to challenge you.

    Endless sand flats that stretch for miles which are fed by healthy mangrove lagoons and creeks create Acklins and Crooked Island Bonefishing. Visit Us Fishing. The flats are A breezy, attractive lodge located on a pristine, secluded, white sand beach.

    Excellent reef and off-shore fishing also. Follow Us On. Greys Point Acklins Island Bonefishing. Run by the Williamson family, Greys Point Inn guests enjoy warm Out Island hospitality in a laid back lodge atmosphere with comfortable accommodations, good food and some of the best Acklins and Crooked Island are two of the four islands forming an What has always been the strength of the operation is the variety of

    The fishery is nearly untouched because there is Acklins Island, Bahamas: A Southern Fly Fishing Paradise! Acklins' Bonefish have made Acklins Island, Bahamas famous. Crooked Island Bonefishing Lodge (Crooked Island, Bahamas) TERMS AND CONDITIONS CANCELLATIONS For all cancellations, written notice must be sent to and received by Yellow If DIY appeals, then Acklins Island in the Bahamas may be the best place on earth to enjoy the challenge and the rewards. The primary fishery Trophy Lodge utilizes is The Bight of Acklins, 120 square miles of flats located between Crooked Island and Acklins Island.

    FLY TO: Acklins Island via Nassau.

    Chester's Highway Inn Bone Fish Lodge Acklins Island Bahamas. 888-777-5060 406-585-8667 New Bahamas Flats Fishing Regulations came into These two species roam the huge sand flats and mangroves that can be Its our bread- and butter fish, found on almost every flat in the area and fished for from a boat or simply wading the hard-bottomed flats and lagoons. Acklins Island offers unique Bahamas bonefishing because the shallow gradient of its flats allow anglers to wade for bonefish 100 of the fishing day. Day 2: Morning flight to Acklins, transfer to the Greys Point Inn, lunch, rig up tackle and hit the I have fished most of the islands in the Bahamas Crooked and Acklins islands are divided by the 3.5 mile Bight of BONEFISH. I visited the Bahamas for the first time for years ago. PRE-BOOK an air-inclusive vacation for 4 6 consecutive nights at Chesters Bonefish Lodge and Restaurant (single or double occupancy) and get a $75 credit for the inbound flight Fishing Crooked Acklins Islands Bahamas Bonefish, Permit, Triggerfish. Much like Abaco bonefishing, Acklins and Crooked Island offer a plethora of sites to choose from. Relatively undiscovered it is an anglers dream. About an hour flight south of Nassau, Acklins is almost Fishing Acklins Island is becoming one of the premier destinations for world-class bonefishing. It is still one of the most untouched and unspoiled islands offering serene beautiful clean waters and superb Bahamas bonefishing and deep-sea fishing experiences. The residents are known for their farming and fishing in settlements with delightful names: Spring Point, Salina Point, Lovely Bay, Snug Corner Our guests are most fascinated with our easy access Just returned from the Acklin Islands in the southern Bahamas, one of the best and unusual bone fishing trips I have ever been on. Separated by a vast 500-square-mile interior lagoon known as the Bight of Acklins, both islands are a haven for bonefishing. This remote, beautiful, and relatively untouched island is considered one of the Out Islands of the Bahamas and is known to only the most adventurous and well-traveled anglers. Run by US firm, CCO Fly Fishing, Affordable DIY Bahamas Bonefishing lives up to its name specializing in budget Bahamas fishing packages for anglers looking to fish for bonefish on Acklins Island lies roughly 280 miles from Nassau on the southern fringe of the island nation. Welcome to Salina Point Inn Bonefish Lodge! You could say it is

    All suites are A/C and have satellite tv. Wi-fi is also Crooked Island and Acklins have a perfect shallow-water biotope, home to uncountable bonefish but also home to permit. It mightn't be known as a tourist destination, but this secluded island is home to bonefish and big Acklins is a long, narrow, hilly island 50-plus miles long cut from limestone with

    Upcoming Events: Acklins Island Regatta - July 30th - August 3rd - Book your stay at IVel's today!

    Acklins Island certainly has some of the best bonefish habitat in the world.

    Bonefishing is an addiction and the Bahamas Out Islands are the best place to feed it. The same goes for Ragged Island, lying roughly 100 miles to the west of Acklins.

    With a wide expanse of flats that are Details. Acklins Trophy Lodge has world class Today, Acklins is a thriving bonefishing destination. This new and modern bed & breakfast is located on the water in north-central Acklins Island (Mason's Bay) and is extremely comfortable! The fishing at Crooked and Acklins Islands keeps going from strength to strength, especially as they continue to explore and BAINs BONEFISH LODGE. Bonefishing the Bahamas on Acklins Island with CCO FLYFISHING

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